Humane Wildlife Removal

Considering the wildlife population when you purchase a home is an important factor in maintaining its comfort. Wildlife lives and thrives in the cities just as families do. Knowing what the wildlife is and learning how to coexist with them is an important factor in having a peaceful life.

grass-snake-379025_1280Many of the hardware stores keep the wildlife repellent in stock that is common to your living area. For instance with snakes, the store can sell you a repellent that is not toxic to the snake, but will give off a scent that the snakes find repulsive. This will prevent the snakes from making a home in your yard or around your house. This repellent can easily be placed around your property line and around your home. This should be done a few times a year or more during the high risk snake seasons.

Some of the wildlife common in cities around the country include squirrels, snakes, possums, and raccoon. If you find you have a raccoon infestation, there are several humane ways to manage the issue.

Before you begin the removal of the raccoon, it is advised to speak with the city hall about any ordinances that apply to this problem. In some cases the city requires them to take care of the removal or for you to have a permit to remove the animals from the area. If this is the case, obtain the permit with the rules and regulations about removing the creature.

The best way to remove the raccoon humanely is with a live trap. This trap is a medium or large size square cage that has a door to prop up. Once the door is propped up, bait it with the raccoon’s favorite snack. Once the raccoon is in the trap eating the snack, the door will shut. Once the raccoon is in the cage, then you have the chance to take the raccoon to a area you wish to release it.

Before you touch the cage with the raccoon in it, take some safety precautions. Remember these animals are wild and may carry dangerous diseases. Wear protective gloves, long sleeves, pants and safety glasses. If you are scratched or bitten, the protective clothing will take most of the bite. It’s probably best to call a professional to not put your self in any danger.. especially when you’re dealing with more dangerous animals, like snakes. atlanta snake removal and any pest for that matter can be humanely taken care of by Wildlife and Pest.